Gear up, fellow Knights of the digital realm! Unveil your next secret weapon in the eSports battlegrounds: the ADDICTED Jersey. Crafted in the ancient forges of 100% recycled polyester mesh, this marvel isn’t just armor; it’s a testament to your relentless spirit and eco-friendly valor.

🔥 Eco-Warrior Fabric: Forged from the essence of 100% recycled heroes (aka polyester mesh), this jersey is not just a garment; it’s a banner for sustainability in our quest for glory.

🛡️ Battle-Ready Weight: At a steadfast 160 g/m² (4.7 oz/yd²), it’s as durable as the shield of the mightiest tank, yet as light as the quiver of a skilled archer.

🌀 Agility Unleashed: With two-way stretch fabric, dart through the gaming arenas or real-world challenges with the grace of an elusive rogue.

💧 Sweat Vanquishing Tech: Moisture-wicking material to keep you as cool as the other side of the pillow during those marathon gaming sessions.

🎽 Fit for Every Knight: Regular fit because we know knights come in all shapes and sizes, from the nimble scout to the formidable berserker.

🌞 Sun-Slaying Shield: UPF50+ protection for those rare moments when you venture into the daylight, defending your skin like the strongest magic barrier.

 Double-Layer V-Neck: Stand out in the guild with a neck line as sophisticated as a high-level spell, breaking the mold of mundane necklines.

📏 All Are Welcome: Available in sizes 2XS to 6XL because in the Knights Club, every gamer finds their fit, from the smallest squire to the largest lord.

🌱 Certified Eco-Magic: With fabric spells certified by OEKO-TEX 100 and the Global Recycled Standard, we’re not just winning games; we’re winning at planet-saving too.

🌍 Summoned on Demand: Each ADDICTED Jersey is conjured into existence as soon as you place your order. By choosing on-demand crafting over the dark arts of bulk production, you’re casting a powerful spell against overproduction. Your choice aids in our quest to keep the realms (our world) vibrant and thriving for future generations.

Don your ADDICTED Jersey and charge into battle, knowing you’re wrapped in the very essence of Knightly honor, environmental stewardship, and unmatched style. For the game, for the world, for the win!