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CounterStrike 2

addicted esports on 3rd Place!

Congratulations to the CS2 team for securing third place in the ongoing tournament! Placing in the top three is a remarkable achievement and speaks volumes

CounterStrike 2


We are happy to announce our new 5th player J1mmyEgg We now have our team set for the next season of ESEA Intermediate🤝This change will

CounterStrike 2

Turbos Skeron Interview

We are proud to introduce the latest Interview with Turbos Skeron. Thanks to PEEK by UMB, we appreciate it! PEEK – YouTube DoublePEEK Episode 3:

CounterStrike 2

Lock and Load 15

Congratulations to our Counterstrike Team! Turbos, Globi, RuvodeS, maddeN and newhope. Our first LAN event is in the books!This past weekend our CS team participated


We Want You! CH/DE/AT

Greetings, fellow gamers and esports enthusiasts! We are thrilled to extend an invitation to all esports teams out there on the hunt for a community


Overwatch Roster Announcement

We are proud to announce our first Overwatch Team. FlamesPhoenix – Tank Ares – Flex DPS Khalyx – Hitscan DPS Issue – Flex Support Ale